Office Hours

Office hours are a great way to ask questions, or just generally chat about the course or other content! The best way to reach out to me is via MS Teams. I tend to be a bit slower checking email due the volume of the email I get, and canvas messages are extremely limited (don’t use them).

Below are my available office hours for the semester. Fall and Spring, I will have traditional office hours that often start the second week of courses. Summer or off-semester office hours are by appointment only.

Current Hours

Office hours for Spring 2023 are TBD

Other Ways to Get Help

Help Desk and MS Teams Channel

Most courses have a help desk / when TAs are available. I highly encourage you to use those times, especially if you have a question about coding. For general questions I encourage you to post them into the general channel on MS Teams for the course! This is especially true for knowledge checks, and I can then go through the solution to the knowledge in a location that all students can see it! Our top students are often the ones asking the most questions in the general channel, so you should never be intimidated to ask there. Simple rule is this:

Advising Support

I am always happy to talk about career goals or general courses. However, you should reach out to your advisor for actual course scheduling and advising support.

Khoury Undergraduate students, you should go the UG Advising page to schedule an appointment. Look for the section that says “Scheduling an appointment” for the Navigate link if you are a Khoury student, or follow the contact link if you are not.

Khoury Graduate and Align students, you should go to the Master’s Advising page, and email the advisor you work with the most. It is considered bad form to email all advisors with the same question.