Albert Lionelle
Ph.D. Computer Science
Computer Science Education, Curriculum Design, Spiral Learning, Alternative Grading, Mixed Modality Education, Feature Selection

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Highlighted Projects

Study card system based on principles of recall and learning, focusing on interleaving and spacing of topics within Computer Sciences.
Role: lead, Status: development
U.S. Soil
Starting in 1947, with Emil Lionelle, U.S. Soil promotes healthy lifestyles focused on the building blocks of life. Over 60 years and 5 generations later, it is still family owned and operated.
Role: co-owner, Status: active
The CSedU team leverages the best practices from education, psychology and sociology to create innovative teaching techniques that improve student performance and retention. They are currently exploring computer science curriculum development, group programming and group interactions, integrating artificial intelligence as teaching assistants in classrooms, and ways to combine the depth of computer science with the needs of education.
Role: Founding member, active member, Status: active

Current Courses

DSCI3000: Foundations of Data Science
Introduces core modern data science technologies and methods that provide a foundation for subsequent Data Science classes. Covers working with tensors and applied linear algebra in standard numerical computing libraries (e.g., NumPy); processing and integrating data from a variety of structured and unstructured sources; introductory concepts in probability, statistics, and machine learning; basic data visualization techniques; and now standard data science tools such as Jupyter notebooks.
Modality: online